Laminitis Blend


Liquid or dried herbal blend.

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A special blend that may help to improve strength and resiliency of the hoof and aid in the prevention and treatment of laminitis.

These herbs, if given prior to the onset of laminitis, or in the ‘danger period’, especially to horses and ponies known to be predisposed to laminitis, may help to prevent it.

The herbs aim to improve the blood supply, support the lymphatic system and liver, and strengthen blood vessels as well as reducing inflammation and pain.

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Weight 1.1 kg

Liquid Blend 500ml, Liquid Blend 1L, Dried blend 1kg


  1. Melanie T

    I feed year round but increase amount given in the danger period to prevent laminitis. Helps increase hoof strength, no cracks in either of my barefoot TB’s feet.

  2. Michele

    Hi Michelle,
    I have been religiously using your products and today we re X-Rayed my little mare with laminitis and there is a huge improvement!! I think we were all thoroughly surprised as 6 weeks ago with xrays and the specialist farrier out, they all thought I should really put her to sleep. Her pedal bone was almost through the foot and the other front foot not much better. The farrier has done a great job and she has been wearing special boots to keep her comfy. I’ve been soaking the herbs and pouring the liquid over her feed and she now has no more filling in any of her legs. She had been on big doses of bute twice per day but she is now off all bute and comfortable walking around with me giving her your liquid laminitis blend in the morning and your Flam ezze plus in the evenings! I’m so so happy, she really is the sweetest little mare. We aren’t completely out of the woods yet but things are definitely looking more positive going forward so thank you so much for all your help and advice!
    Thank you so much.

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