Horseradish Powder


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Horseradish can encourage poor appetite and is a powerful expellant of worms  Externally horseradish can be used in or as a poultice for both hard and soft swellings.

It is is a warming stimulant, invigorating the circulatory, nervous and digestive systems and expectorating phlegm. Horseradish has antimicrobial properties that, along with the expectorant qualities & circulatory stimulation, make it a powerful ally during winter cold or flu season Horseradish as a stimulating rubefacient can bring relief to arthritic joints when applied externally and taken internally.

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Horseradish contains anthelmintic, stimulant, rubefacient, diuretic and mild laxative actions. It is excellent for poor circulation and is helpful for urinary infections, fevers and influenza.

It is particularly useful for colds, coughs and blocked sinuses, by releasing the mucous and allowing it to flow and escape. Additionally, horseradish is has been shown in laboratory tests to be antibiotic, active against a variety of bacteria, so this can benefit a sinus infection.

It is a natural expectorant, it clears the nose and reduces minor inflammation of the nasal membranes. Horseradish preparations can also clear lung problems, coughs and asthma.

Similarly, it works well in respiratory ailments related to allergies, such as hayfever.

Using only 5-10 grams make this a cost-effective addition to our horse’s winter diet.

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