Arnica (Homeopathic)



25ml dropper bottle

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Homoeopathics are oral drops made from diluted and potentised natural materials. They work powerfully to heal the total individual physically and mentally. Homeopathic first aid is generally very straightforward and very effective.

Only a few drops (4) are necessary, and need not be swallowed, but only must contact the mucous membranes (gums, tongue, lips).

It is also very easy to administer internally and most animals eagerly accept homeopathic medication once they have experienced it a few times.

Excellent first aid, homoeopathics also can stimulate long-term healing.


Arnica 200C T100

This is said to be the classic first-aid homeopath. It is a medicine par excellence for the shock or trauma of any injury.

It helps reduce shock, relieve pain, diminish swelling and it begins the healing process. Arnica is great for injuries to muscles especially when the pain is from over-exertion. For exhaustion following too much exercise. Excellent to use after surgery. It is NOT an analgesic, instead of suppressing pain, it focuses on treating the cause of the pain by greatly reducing swelling. Arnica may speed healing time and aid during and after foaling.

Use as soon and as often as possible after trauma and will reduce swelling, bruising, pain, physical and emotional shock. A few drops can be used directly onto suspected sore areas ie, back, hindquarters, legs or can be used in the final rinse water after strenuous activity. Continue to use until healing is completed.


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Seasonal Allergy Remedy, Thuja, Arsenicum Album, Malandrinum, Skin Combo Remedy, Colocynthis, Arnica 200C T100, Apis, Ruta Grav, Rhus Tox, Ledum, Calendula, Silicea 30c, Illness Recovery Blend T103, Aconite


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