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Homoeopathics are oral drops made from diluted and potentised natural materials. They work powerfully to heal the total individual physically and mentally. Homeopathic first aid is generally very straightforward and very effective.

Only a few drops (4) are necessary, and need not be swallowed, but only must contact the mucous membranes (gums, tongue, lips).

It is also very easy to administer internally and most animals eagerly accept homeopathic medication once they have experienced it a few times.

Excellent first aid, homoeopathics also can stimulate long-term healing.


For sudden ailments such as in the first sign of laminitis. A remedy for any emotional trauma (fear, fright, shock).

For separation, weaning time, transporting or relocating a horse. For all times where there may be stress and anxiety before a competition/race. For acute inflammatory complaints. When an animal is unwell, restless and hungary but doesn’t eat. Can be used in a spray bottle if the animal is unsafe to be near. Spray nose or lips and the horse will settle momentarily.

Allergy Remedy

Seasonal Allergy Relief relieves common allergy symptoms including watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, nose, and throat, sinus pain and headache.

Arnica 200C T100

This is said to be the classic first-aid homeopath. It is a medicine par excellence for the shock or trauma of any injury.

It helps reduce shock, relieve pain, diminish swelling and it begins the healing process. Arnica is great for injuries to muscles especially when the pain is from over-exertion. For exhaustion following too much exercise. Excellent to use after surgery. It is NOT an analgesic, instead of suppressing pain, it focuses on treating the cause of the pain by greatly reducing swelling. Arnica may speed healing time and aid during and after foaling.

Use as soon and as often as possible after trauma and will reduce swelling, bruising, pain, physical and emotional shock. A few drops can be used directly onto suspected sore areas ie, back, hindquarters, legs or can be used in the final rinse water after strenuous activity. Continue to use until healing is completed.

Arsenicum Album

For skin health. Indicated for skin problems that are associated with dryness, scaliness and itching.


Homeopathic calendula is prepared from tall wild marigold and is the chief homeopathic medicine for wounds.

It is magical in its ability to prevent tearing, soothe pain, stop bleeding, promote rapid healing and prevent scarring. It is antiseptic and helps prevent infection.


This remedy is the first choice for colic when the horse is restless with pain, and wants to lie down.

Symptoms are sudden, violent and accompanied by cramping pains making the horse want to twist around to look at his sides. For acute digestive affections.

Illness Recovery Blend T103

Hydrastis 30C/ HeparSulf 30C/ Pulsatilla 30C.

For infections, colds, coughs, thick mucous discharges, fever, respiratory problems.

For sweating, poor digestion, unhealthy skin, abscesses, and for feeling emotionally dejected and hopeless.


For all puncture wounds, especially when surrounding area is cold to the touch.

For ticks and lice. Ledum helps relieve pain and prevent further problems, it is indicated for tetanus-like symptoms with twitching of muscles/spasmodic respiration.


This nosode has been developed from the condition known as grease in the horse.

It is used mainly on the treatment of chronic skin eruptions and discharges. For scaly, itching skin disease (eczema, psoriasis etc), skin that cracks at the bends of joints, chapped hands.

For ill effects of vaccination. It is also worth remembering as a remedy which might help some forms of ear canker.

Rhus Tox

The arthritis remedy.

For lameness that improves with exercise; stiffness of muscles and tendons/joint problems. Itching.

Ruta Grav

A major first-aid remedy. Main sphere of action is periosteum (the fibrous connective-tissue membrane, covering bone and joints), chronic and acute.

Bone Problems; periosteum, trouble where the flesh is thin over bone; cartilage, lumps that become knotty following injury, hardened tissue mass involving tendons, joints, periosteum, bone.

Bone injuries- bruises, pain and fractures that are slow to heal; lumps as a result of a blow. Bruises that go away slowly and leave hard spot; slow to repair; lump on the periosteum, sensitive and sore. Strains and dislocations; over training or overexertion of parts usually parts that are tendinous of character; of the flexor tendons especially. Eye injuries if surrounding tissue injured and eye inflamed.

Inflammation- chronic and acute; bruised and rheumatic; bursitis; with lameness; Lameness- after sprains and strains; knee lameness; chronic knee injuries and inflammation; Arthritis- in area of the large joints where tendons connect to the bone. Patients are worse for cold, wet and during rest. Improve with warmth and movement.

Silicea 30c

Silica is a tissue salt found primarily in the blood, skin, hair; associated with tissues, cartilage, mucous membranes; Silicea helps to bring stubborn abscesses and infected wounds to a head, expel pus and foreign bodies i.e.: splinters, thorns.

Suppuration is usually whitish grey; aids healing with minimal scarring; for infections that are slow to heal; inflamed anal glands. Sometimes referred to as the “homeopathic surgeon,” promotes explosion of pus, splinters, thorns; broken bones slow to repair; reopening of wounds and old scars.

And for the riders, injuries to the coccyx from a fall. Patient irritable or aggressive, thirsty for cold drinks, easily chilled, better for warmth.

Skin Combo Remedy

For allergic dermatitis, eczema, seborrhoea, dandruff, rash, cracked skin and itching.

A homeopathic combination for the relief of skin irritations and infections, including mudfever, greasy heel, rainscald. This powerhouse blend of healing skin remedies includes malandrinum, arsenicum alb, rhus tox, sulphur, graphites and thuja.


For warts. Also for rain scald and scratches.

Fungal infections and growths, warts, spongy tumors that bleed easily, greasy heel and mud fever are included in the remedy picture of Thuja.

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