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25ml dropper bottle.

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Remedies have unlimited shelf life if kept away from direct sunlight. Best not taken with meals.

  • Packaged in our convenient, easy to use plastic dropper bottles, 25ml.
  • The remedy can be given by mouth, which is the most effective method.
  • Can be added to the animal’s water.
  • For long term problems – use 2 to 4 doses daily.
  • For acute injuries/illness/emotional stress – use as often as needed for symptoms to fade. This can be as close as every 5 to 15 minutes if necessary. Gradually increase the time between doses as symptoms subside.

The flower essenses can also be rubbed onto nose, and around the mouth (rescue remedy and calming) for when horse is getting spooked or grumpy.

Our Equine Essences are formulated and handmade by an American chartered therapist.

This is not a mass produced range, and we feel this counts for a lot when dealing with homoeopathics and Flower Essences.

These are not intended to take the place of veterinary advice but can be used in conjunction with other medications.

Each homeopathic remedy and flower essence is individually hand made.

Packaged in convenient 25ml plastic dropper bottles, Flower Essences will help to balance the emotional and mental state of your horse. Horses respond remarkably well to Flower Essence Therapy. These floral essences balance and harmonise the emotions, and as a result, affect the physical body.

Taken orally these drops are made by immersing blossoms in water in the sun to absorb the healing energies of the flowers.

These essences are totally safe. They can be used with other medications and without fear of overdosing.



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T102 Movement Recovery Blend, Recovery Blend, T106 Maternal Blend, T109 Calming Blend, T104 Rescue Remedy, Centaury, Cerato, Larch, Gentian, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, Mimulus, Aspen


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