Bee Pollen Powder – 500g


Bee Pollen has been called one of nature’s most perfect foods and is very rich in vitamins containing almost all known minerals, trace elements, enzymes and amino acids. It contains the essence of every plant from which bees collect pollen, in combination with digestive enzymes from the bees.

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Bee Pollen is a popular nutritional supplement that builds the immune system and provides energy for the entire body. It contains 35% protein, 55% carbohydrate, 2% fatty acids and 3% minerals and vitamins. It is high in B-complex and vitamins A, C, D, and E. It also contains lecithin, beta-carotene, and selenium. This combination of elements makes bee pollen an excellent source of anti-oxidants. Research studies and clinical tests have demonstrated that bee pollen has an immunizing effect, enhances vitality, and can counteract the effects of chemical toxins.

Used as an immune system builder, bee pollen is thought to have the ability to correct body chemistry and eliminate unhealthy conditions. It is considered to have the ability to throw off poisons and toxic materials from the body. Chemical pollutants are known as the most severe stressors to a horse’s immune system. A side effect of chemical treatment is to decrease the body’s production of blood cells and nutrients in the blood. Bee Pollen may also relieve anaemia, cerebral haemorrhage, colitis and constipation.

Bee Pollen is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and stimulates immunological responses.

Owners and trainers use Bee Pollen for Horses to help horses increase their strength, endurance, energy and speed. It aids the body in recovering from exercise, returning breathing and heart rate to normal, and improves endurance for repeat exertion. It also provides energy, stamina and strength, as well as improving mental and physical reactions.

While horses are in training or undertaking taxing mental work, trainers can see benefits from this natural energy food. Bee Pollen for Horses can relieve brain fatigue and improve alertness. This can increase the capacity for intense concentration and enable longer periods of work without becoming tired. Stress can use up vitamins quickly, and this product can relieve stress and anxiety by replacing essential nutrient reserves in the body.

Also many horses with allergies have found relief by ingesting Bee Pollen for Horses. It reduces the production of histamine which can cause allergic responses such as hay fever. This product can strengthen the respiratory system and provide protein to help the body build a natural defence shield against allergic responses.

Weight maintenance will occur with the use of this product as lecithin, an ingredient in Bee Pollen for Horses, increases the speed at which calories are burned as well as stabilizing poor metabolism. This product also aids in the digestive process and the assimilation of nutrients.

Bee Pollen for Horses provides a high concentration of protein and is a natural source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty acids.

Our bee pollen fine powder is used to achieve numerous effects:

  • Increasing strength, endurance and energy
  • Fast recovering from intense trainings
  • Better brain function
  • Stabilizing metabolism and production of blood cells
  • Increasing reproductive health
  • Maintaining skin health and histamine levels

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