aloe2The Naturally Equine range of natural holistic lotions and potions are for those of us who dislike using chemicals on ourselves or on our equine friends.

With that in mind, we developed products for our own horses’ healthcare needs that contain only all natural ingredients, and are safe, yet effective. Completely non-invasive, our topical products are applied externally. Antiseptics for cuts, abrasions, skin and hoof hydration products, insect repellant, relief for muscular aches and pains and many more conditions can be relieved in a natural, healing way with our proven products.

Animal testing? Absolutely! Our products are tried and tested on our own equine and animal friends. We use only the finest, purest ingredients in our products, sourced from throughout New Zealand. To ensure freshness and to retain their therapeutical properties each product is hand-prepared in small batches. Our little cottage industry means we can be flexible and innovative.

Naturally Equine’s range is all handmade with loving care and attention to detail and quality. We think that counts for a lot.