Hello! We are Michelle and Carol, friends and partners in Naturally Equine.

We live on the South Island’s picturesque West Coast of New Zealand. Between us we have quite a menagerie! Carol and her husband Val distill the Manuka essential oil used in our product line.

We have been treating our animals, where appropriate, with complementary therapies, for several years.

Three years ago when Carol and Val began to steam distill Manuka oil, we began experimenting with salve and ointment recipes, using this amazing therapeutic oil as the primary active ingredient. We could often be found “stirring the cauldron” in our makeshift workshop.

The coast road to Punakaiki
The coast road to Punakaiki

But like topsy things began to grow and grow and grow … our reputation spread and soon we had requests from family, friends, and friends of friends for our topical health products. We discovered there was a real demand for quality natural topical products for horses and pets.

By this time we had moved our work area to bigger and better premises, now known as Manuka Cottage and thus began Naturally Equine.

We have made a conscious decision to manufacture and act independently. We prefer to be directly responsible for the manufacture of our product range. Being totally independent ensures that our ingredients are of the highest quality at the best possible prices. As a direct result, we can offer genuine value for money. We often hear the comment that price is a measure of quality. This could not be further from the truth at Naturally Equine. Price is a reflection of price point and the independence of N.E, and leads to a substantial price advantage across our product lines.

We are conscious of the concern about applying non-natural products to our pets’ skin and believe that the lack of un-necessary ingredients sets our range above the rest. We use only the finest natural plant ingredients. Naturally Equine combines these premium ingredients, such as herbs and essential oils, to produce a high-performance natural range for equines.

We love hearing from our customers, so please, your feedback is appreciated, negative or positive. In fact, we believe feedback is a prerequisite to improving quality and service to you and your equine friends. We can be contacted by email or phone and will do our best to assist.

Carol and Michelle