October 14, 2013

How to clear your crystals

Quartz crystals are often used in crystal healing.
Quartz crystals are often used in crystal healing.© Ken Hammond

Crystals need to have some form of clearing when you receive them. They have probably been handled by many different people from the time they were mined to the time that they appear in a shop.

As crystals absorb (and amplify) energy from people and their immediate surroundings, your crystal is likely to have absorbed negative energy that needs to be purified. If you don’t clear a crystal that has absorbed negative energy, you may find yourself absorbing it from the crystal, and any work you do with the crystal is not going to be as effective. Some types of crystals and minerals can be damaged by certain cleansing methods, in particular from the sun and from water.

Remember, your intention is the most important part of clearing. Some people suggest using sea salt or sage as a clearing method, but I find sunlight or running water and your intention to clear works the best. Crystals, gemstones, and minerals can be cleared by several easy methods:

  • Sunlight — An hour of sunlight will cleanse and charge all crystals. Sunlight is terrific for clear quartz. If your quartz has grown dull or its luster has faded, it’s time to cleanse it. After a sunbath on your window sill, your clear quartz crystals will be noticeably brighter. Dark, opaque stones like black tourmaline and obsidian can also be cleansed by this method.
  • Moonlight — Moonlight provides a very gentle cleansing for your stones. The light of the full moon is desireable, being brightest, but the light of any phase will serve. Amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, smokey quartz, moonstone, kunzite, aquamarine, and other light or pastel colored stones are cleansed and revitalized in moonlight.
  • Water — Crystals love running water. If you’re at a beach or near a stream, allow the water to flow over your stones. Then air dry them naturally in gentle sunlight. They’ll love it. Keep a firm grip on your crystals during this process and don’t leave them where they can be swept away by the tide. At home, run cold water over your stones. Or soak them in water with non-iodized sea salt for 24 hours (use a non-metallic container). You may combine this bath with sunlight or moonlight too.
  • Sand — Burying your crystals in sand for 24 hours to several days or even months will cleanse and recharge them. This is a slow, gentle, and thorough method. You can also stand your crystals in sand, when you’re not working with them. You can see and enjoy them while they’re benefitting from the sand’s grounding effect.


When do I Cleanse My Crystals?

If the luster of a crystal has dulled or you are suddenly repelled by a stone, it’s time to give your crystals some special care. After any type of handling by other people or healing work, it’s a good idea to clear your crystals. Crystals pick up energy as they facilitate healing. Or a stone may give so much of its good energy it becomes drained. It needs a dose of fresh clear energy.

The frequency of cleaning depends how you’re using your crystals, and what environment they’re living in. If your crystals help you manage energy for a space, such as your office, give it an occassional spa treatment for a job well done.

Perhaps one of your crystals attracted someone’s attention. This person asked to hold it and you said yes. Your crystal may absorb energy from this transaction and this energy may not be in harmony with you. Alternatively, someone may handle your stones and leave a deposit of something you don’t like. In both cases, treat your crystals to a cleansing.

I’ve heard the opinion that one should never allow anyone else to come into contact with their personal stones. This is too unilateral for me. I take sharing on a case by case basis. Trust your intuition to know what’s right for you and your stones.


How to Dedicate Your Crystals

Dedicating crystals serves to end and release old agreements your crystal has with other people/or animals. Some people refer to this as “owning” the crystal. Dedicating the crystal ensures that it’s in sync with you. Your intention, during the dedication, describes to your crystal how you want it to work with you.

Focus on the positive as you render your dedications. For example, “I affirm abundance and prosperity for myself and all beings.

If you have a specific job in mind for your crystal and you’d like to program this mission into it, begin by cleansing the stone. Choose someplace quiet where you won’t be disturbed. Sit quietly and center. Hold your crystal in your hands. Repeat your intention to yourself until you are clear. Project the thought of this intention into the crystal. Your crystal is now programmed.


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