• Wormwood is an effective tonic for the whole digestive system and is helpful for stimulating appetite.

    per kg.

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  • NE Cough and Cold Formula
    NE Cough and Cold Formula

    A powerful blend of herbs, specially formulated to help clear debris-laden mucus and soothe inflammation and irritation in the respiratory tracts.

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  • Conditioner Mix
    Conditioner Mix

    Ideal for any horse but in particular older horses, hard keepers and for horses showing signs of ill thrift.

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  • Devils Claw & Turmeric blend
    Devils Claw & Turmeric blend

    Devil's Claw has been used to treat cases of arthritis, tendon and ligament damage and joint injury, where pain and inflammation need to be alleviated. It also has the ability to cleanse deep into tissue and muscle walls. (1kg)

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